[H] <Outcasts>10M ToT LFM!

Who ... are you?

Hello hello! The names Nero , part of Outcasts a pretty awesome guild of fun people, who is currently 1/13H and is looking for someone to fill our last spot for our 2nd Raid Team! This team is newly formed.

What are we you even recruiting?

Right now we need...
A Healer, Holy Paladin...
And a Tank, preferably a Prot Warrior or a Brewmaster Monk

(If your class isn't one of the above, but the role does fit into either of the descriptions, and you're interested, please still contact me)

Times and Dates

We raid...
Wed-Thurs and Sun at...
8-11 server time

Last minute info!

If you're someone who's into the hardcore raiding environment, then this raiding group may not be for you. We're not pushing for heroics (atm anyways, maybe in the future), right now this is a group of friends who want to raid and want to have fun doing so. If you would like to contact me either leave a message in the forum, or add me in game
(B-tag is: Neromuin#1533) , and we can talk more about any concerns, or elaboration on anything of the above.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and have a great day!
Bump to a fun new group in the guild. 1 more dedicated tank will be the last piece to the puzzle for this group to take off.
Bump for a tank
Bump for tank/healer
Bump to the bump to the bump bump
Now you do the bump!
I guess my bumps are kinda starting to become boring ...... so lets spice it up!

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