lf ele advise in 2's

other then play another class or restro;
Currently I play with a mage, him as frost or arcane. I just get focused every time. If its a rogue forget it , might aswell leave.
My partner peels ok, I do what I can to survive, and do fine if If time assendance right and they can't los me.
Any advise on how to be better?
Can I do better with my spec or reforging?
Ele in 2s is always a mess and it has always been pmuch gg when a rogue is on the other team. When i run them with a mage the only job in this world the mage has is poly something and keep novas up on the other thing, you should be able to kill in a shatter/ascendence combo with just a cs.
Would it be better to run with a healer? Ele/hpally i was thinking, or what other dps ? Spriest ?
Would it be better to run with a healer? Ele/hpally i was thinking, or what other dps ? Spriest ?

I have ran resto/ele just to teach the resto how to heal we made it to ~1700 with very little problem but it was not enjoyable in any way. I would suggest sticking to 3s or 5s as ele because you have much more in the way of peels. You can also run with a rogue and come out of stealth because of the instant offensive pressure you will have
Ok ty Rapph.
Any advise as far as reforging?
Just run ele/rogue, ele/healer (any healer including rsham), or ele/shadow

As ele (with healer) its pretty much all about forcing trinkets on both, then just hexing one target and capacitoring the other. Once you do that and use ascendance, you should win every time.

With ele/rogue, just do a retardedly long CC chain and faceroll to 1800+

ele/shadow, just get damage out and pray your spriest is good with peeling/healing/CCing
If you have problems with rogues, drop Magma totem and sit on it, drop Earthquake (LOL) in random spots, and when the rogue pops. T-storm (probably trink if necessary) throw roots at them and put that Fire shock on them. FORCE them to go ahead and use that cloak/vanish cd. once thats done, rinse and repeat and burst them.

I tend to not have problems with rogues 1 on 1, as long as your partner can CC spam his teamate and help you peel and kite the rogue.

The only problem I have with Elemental in 2's is the Silences like you said. Your shield adds great damage reduc to rogues so thats why I keep it. If you are going to roll Elemental, and you are getting mad about silences, I would recommend getting the Resto gear. Keep some of the spirit on the gear and just reforge out of it. Use the Spiritwalker's Grace glyph for extended kiting, and that 5 second Immunity when you activate it. (helps to not dead roll your burst)

Melee I have found is getting rather easy to take care of as elemental. you have t-storm and root projection to keep them away. spirit wolf run away and spirit walker's grace is good to kite (mix with elemental mastery). get snared?-drop your cap totem (finally a use for it!) until stun wears off, and sit under earthquake, and hope for them to trip.

with casters, drop grounding totem when your not silenced, then just try to hex and spam when you can. I try and save Windshear to prevent Healing, and then purge everything off.

Enhance- good against casters, bad against melee
Elemental- good against melee, bad against casters
-If played correctly.

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