25m Heroic Jin'rokh LFDps (Wed, Thurs, Sun)

<Skill Optional> is a new transfer guild to this server from Whisperwind. We have been a guild for a couple of years now and are looking to rebuild our 25 man raiding roster. We lost quite a few raiders at the start of patch 5.2 and weren't able to refill our roster on our home server, so have sought out a new server. In this search we have decided to transfer to here to Stormreaver. As a 10 man we are 12/12, however 10 man raiding is not where our heart is. So we are actively recruiting to refill our roster. In the mean time we are looking for dps to continue pushing content with us. We will have open rolls for loot and will begin at 7:30pm, stopping at 11pm server. After Heroic Jin'rokh we will be continuing for a full clear, given the pugs are all quality enough.

If you have any question please RealId me (Wryot#1385) otherwise post here on your toon so I can armory you. Invites will go out at 7:15 if you are selected.

Thank you.
lol good raiders on horde ur the first
Ret paladin 513, willing to join you guys for the raid, pst me if interested.
I'm a 499 fury warrior, probably a long shot to get in, but hey, worth a try right?? I do know the fights, have been researching them for a good time now, very fast leaner once in the raid. Looking to break into ToT and have found it very difficult to find pugs, am potentially looking for a guild to start regularly raiding with.

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