What being a Battlehammer is all about!

Emerald Dream
[So what are the odds on the new WSB poster children leaving their guild? Is it usually a two month turnover for the 'frequent' posters? ]


Dunno. Don't care.

Rise up dwarves o' Azeroth an' join th' Dwarven War Machine tha' is Clan Battlehammer!


The King of Clan Battlehammer has spoken lad's now would be a good time to start cheering :)
Fer Clan Battlehammer!
*steals all of CBH's booze* muahaha
Sorry, um whats yer name? ah yes "Hollygunn" ye do know theres too much beer to be stolen? every one o' Warsong Battalion members would have to come and go from Ironforge 1000 times to steal ONE TENTH OF OUR BOOZE'S! ahaha so good luck by yer self!

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