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Prior to 5.2, everything was running fine and smooth. Shortly after 5.2 landed, I updated all my addons. Few weeks after that, every time I hearthed to The Golden Latern, my FPS would nose dive to the low 1 FPS. If I stand still, the FPS would hover at a comfortable 30-35 FPS and people could fly/run around me nice and smoothly.

When I asked Tech Support, the rep advised that I backup my WTF/Interface folders. With the new WTF/Interface folder everything went back to being super smooth. But again a few weeks later after downloading the addons fresh and reconfiguring everything, the issue is now back again.

It starts out slow and unnoticeable, then maybe a week in I start to notice small spikes in lag and FPS and now 2 weeks in, its completely back to 1 FPS every time I move or turn around. I can hear my hard drive activity going crazy aevery time I try to move or turn. This only happens in The Golden Lantern. It also occurs when I'm in the Vale of Eternal Blosson Zone but not as bad as The Golden Lantern. Everywhere else is smooth (IF/SW).

I tried to disable the addons one by one. That didn't help. I can't delete the 2 folders again and try the addons one by one since this problem seems to occur a couple weeks later. Some addons haven't been updated at all and are still in 5.1 status and they are Auctioneer and Postal. The majority of my other addons are 5.2

Anyone with similar issues? How did u fix it? This is really annoying.
Try listing your addons out here as well, there may be some "known" issue addons. Auctioneer can be a bit of a hog but I wouldn't think it would cause these issues.
Here are the list of addons that I use:
It's not a sure thing, but the addon highlighted in your screenshot should (if it's the one I'm thinking of) show you the cpu usage of every addon. Turn the option on if it's not already. And if it's on already that's one major fps drain: cpu profiling adds overhead. Reset the cpu usage in the plugin, hearthstone to golden lantern, then pull up the addon cpu usage and see if there's any obvious culprits.

Also enable lua errors (esc->interface->help->display lua errors) if it's not already. An addon could be having fits that get incrementally worse.

Memory usage does not affect fps nearly as much as cpu usage, but it can't hurt to look at that too, especially if your computer doesn't have a lot of memory. ie if you have a recount that never reset you could probably accumulate like 300mb of data over a few weeks, burdening your system since addon data is in memory all the time and may be causing a ton of hdd activity to juggle it.

edit: also type /dump GetCVar("taintLog"). If it says it's 2, then that's a potential culprit. You probably have a GB+ taint.log in your logs folder. /console taintLog 0 to turn logging off.
I checked and Cpu Profiling was set to disabled.

My memory is 4 gigs of ddr2 800
Processor is E8400 at 3.6 ghz
Win 7 64 bit
9800 gtx+
WoW set to 64bit DX9

I have recount and I reset it every time it asks me e.g when I enter a dungeon or raid

I typed the /dump GetCVar("taintLog") and the result was 0

What I also did was adjust the performance of my computer and set it to "Adjust for best performance" where it disabled all the appearance of windows.

I also tried a Readyboost with a spare flash drive I had.

The issue now seems to have gone away. I'm not having FPS drop anymore and the game is running very smoothly in the Golden Lantern. What does this mean? Is it a memory issue? Was something using too much of my RAM that it maybe resorted to pagefile usage?
Well, it hasn't gone away entirely. I can fly around / run around for about 10 seconds or so then it drops FPS then smooth again for about 10 seconds then drops FPS etc not exactly 10 seconds but u get the idea, smooth then drop, smooth then drop.

It was worse earlier, every time I moved or turn or even pan my camera view around, it would drop
I have a similar problem periodically in that area. I've yet to nail down the exact culprit, but I have noticed it will only happen when there are many players in the area. During low population hours FPS is just like any other zone. Maybe it's an addon issue or maybe my computer is just having trouble processing all the input from other players.
You're running DX9 on an older video card. Have you updated drivers recently?
Yes I have the latest drivers, in fact the Tech Rep recommended that I use an older one since this newer one does have issues.

But my issue seems to have gone now. Everything is nice and smooth now at the Golden Lantern.

I disabled the CPU Profiling, Adjusted my computer for best performance by disabling all the bells and whistles and I also did a readyboost with a spare USB thumb drive.

So either the problem just vanished or one of the steps that I just mentioned helped alleviate the problem. Hope it stays that way and doesn't return.

Thanks guys

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