Enhancement help on Primordius

I'm struggling to put out the numbers my toon is capable of on the 25m normal Primordius fight. The main thing that's killing me is my searing totem. We use the strategy where the boss is continuously kited, which funnels the adds.

Where should I drop searing totem? The boss is being kited quickly enough to where my searing totem falls behind and isn't getting me decent SF stacks. Obviously, this is making my LL damage lackluster.

I've tried putting it in the middle of the room, redropping it every 8 secs (annoying and ineffective), trying to put it in the path of adds, etc. Nothing seems to consistently give me the SF stacks I need.

If anyone has solutions for this, I'd really appreciate it.
totem projection it infront of the boss path every 10 seconds, should never lose uptime if you keep track of it
Awesome, can't believe that didn't occur to me. Probably because I just haven't used it a lot. There's definitely a few other situations in ToT where I probably need to use projection more. Thanks Chill. Quick, great, reliable response as usual.
The biggest tip I can give -

Spec into Primal Elementalist.

Normal Elementals are Guardian's and do not do full damage to the boss ever.

Primal Elementals receive any buff you pick up/receive so they will benefit from the mutation and do massive amounts of damage.

Unfortunately, your Wolves and Searing Totem do not ever get the full damage modifier so that's a bug/ or punishment you'll have to deal with until fixed. This bug has been reported already a few times...we'll see.
You can probably put the totem dead center of the room unless you guys like to tank Primordius waaaay out in the boondocks while kiting him.
I put it in that middle circle bit and it never leaves range.
The Searing Totem has a decent range on it, and Primordius has a much larger hit box then he appears to.

Otherwise I just drop it when all my abilities are on cooldown.

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