Sword in MH as Sub MoP

So I wanted to know what you guys think of using a Sword, mace, etc. in Mh has sub spec.
since u are hemo spamming u seem to get a lot more combo points and ppl clame that the eviscerates hit harder.
Not sure whether you're talking about PvP or PvE.

Hemo is great for preventing stealthers from re-stealthing or forcing them to be quick with a Vanish, however the damage is lacking. Both Hemorrhage scale with daggers and non-daggers. Last I had seen, though this was in Cata, Backstab dealt more damage per point of energy. Backstab is slower at generating combo points, but if you already have Slice and Dice and Rupture/Garrote bleed up, you're wanting to deal damage anyways. Eviscerate doesn't scale with weapon damage (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong here), but instead with Attack Power and Mastery.

For PvE there's really no comparison between the two. Backstab as your combo point generator is the way to go (outside of Dance, of course).
Yeah, Eviscerate scales with attack power (and, for Subtlety, with mastery as well), not weapon damage.

I see this argument a lot -- that one ability is somehow automatically better than another because it costs less energy use -- but for anyone who buys into it, don't! It's a trap. CP builders that cost less energy do so because they fall short in other areas. Backstab is a more potent damage-dealer than Hemo is; Hemo may feel a little faster, but that doesn't mean it hits harder.

If hitting buttons as often as possible appeals to you as a playstyle, I'd recommend switching to Combat. It'll feel a lot more satisfying because it regenrates energy the quickest of all the specs. That doesn't make it "better," it just makes it different.
That doesn't make it "better," it just makes it different.
Boy howdy don't I know it. !@#$.
im talking about pvp. and I have been trying the sword and it actually seems legit as hell. in pvp you are spending most of your time staying behind your target so not having to do that with hemo gives u more of an advantage. plus I am never energy starved like I am with backstab. I honestly like it but I still like my backstab just as much, although I have seensword rogues get some serious kills.
There is literally no advantage to using a sword in the MH as Sub in PvP.
Using my MH Sword (and ignoring ap) Hemorrhage would average 9467 dmg (- the bleed).
Using the equivalent dagger (and ignoring ap) it would average 9502 dmg (-the bleed).
Using my MH sword (ignoring ap) Ambush would average 24003.125
Using =dagger (ignoring ap) it would average 24933.05

So as you can see Hemo and Ambush both actually hit (ever so slightly) harder with a dagger, and with a dagger you've got the option to Back Stab when you want to.

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