Ele shaman advice/help please.

So recently i made a post about my dps being a little low, i pull around 100k average it seems and am about 14-15th on dps charts. I would like some help please to see if i could up my dps.

Not really sure how to post logs, but my guild does world of logs thing, heres the link, hopefully it works. I really dont know how logs work or i would post more.


really, im just trying to do my best and currently i feel like im letting my guild down. I'm not sure if i am asking too much, but any help would be appreciated!

Been pulling about 85-90k on megaera, which seems to be low when compared to other guildies, they pull around 100k, does this sound about right?
One thing I found really helpful for Megara is putting Flame Shock on both heads unless you are in Ascendance. It helps your LvB proc RNG significantly.
First, you have crazy hit. I'd be curious at that point whether if you had the 522 VP trinket or the 484 Relic you'd be better off using that rather than the 900 hit on Wushoolay's be completely useless. Of course you'll have to sim it.

Second, it's pretty clear you need to abuse chain lightning more. Tortos you're not CLing bats. Council, only 4 million CL damage? I noticed you used Lava Beam, but only did about 2.5 million damage. A full lava beam should do ~8 million at our gear level, so that was a wasted Ascendance.

Here's my log of Council 2 weeks ago, and I'm only ilevel 516 (just like you):

13 million CL damage. The other ele shaman in my raid (higher ilevel at 520) who's also a world class player did 14 million CL damage.

Continuing with that, you had very little Horridon CL damage on the adds as well. Any time there's 3+ mobs you should be spamming that CL.

Finally, you did 97k on Megaera on the kill, which imo is decent. You can immediately improve by dropping Primal Earth Elemental and Searing Totem. That'll give you 5-6k DPS right there which will push you from 97k to 103k+. Earth Ele and Searing totem also apply to all the other fights as well.
I'm having the same exact issue as you are. Although I'm only 493ilvl, and still have a couple of malev pieces from my pvp days, I can't maintain much above 70k dps. Could somebody look at my gear and tell me what I'm doing wrong? Or is it just strictly because of my 2 pvp pieces?

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