"Rate My Transmog" Special Edition: Weapons

All right, so I know there's already a big "rate my transmog" thread bouncing around, and plenty of other general transmog suggestion threads too. But hold on a minute...

Why can't we have both?

Now, I've always found the weapon to be the linchpin holding a transmog set together. Without a suitable weapon, your armor just doesn't shine like it should. So we're gonna play this a bit differently.

Posting rules are as follows:

1) Rate the armor-weapon complement on a scale of 1-10. Remember, it's not about how common/unique the armor or weapon is. How well does the weapon match the rest of the set?

2) Describe what you personally look for in a weapon.

3) Item-link the weapon you're currently using or have mogged into your set. The armory does not always give the best view. Sometimes places like WoWhead show it off better.

4) Item-link any weapon you're currently gunning for. It's fine if you have nothing in mind. That's the idea behind this thread: giving players ideas.

5) Suggest 1 or more weapons of your choice to best match the above poster's gear. These need not be practical, but obviously must be usable by the player's class. (e.g. Suggesting fist weapons to an assassination rogue like myself is just fine. Suggesting a wand is not.)

The idea is to not just rate players' efforts, but also to help them get the look they're striving for with their weapons. I've seen individual posts make suggestions, but never a thread dedicated to something like this. Sound interesting?

Since I'm OP, items 1 and 5 will have to be overlooked, but I'll start things off.

1) N/A

2) Daggers. Usually simple-looking ones are best. I love weapons that have their own glow effect that overwrite enchants.

3) Currently using Mindfang with this gear.

4) I'm grinding Keepers of Time rep to get my hands on Riftmaker which I think is a more flashy match.

5) N/A
1) Guessing the glow is purple, in which case it matches your mog rather well. However I think the daggers are a bit too simplistic to go with an armor set that has so much going on in the art. 8/10

2) I look for a weapon that matches my mog and looks cool. Sometimes I see weapons or armor sets that I just want to make work, so I go looking. The theme of this mog is like "ninja" from final fantasy. Swift an acrobatic, but not necessarily stealthy. I think it fits monk well, personally.

3) Not sure how to item link in forums. I'm using ruthless gladiator's pike. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/item/70182 I was using the ulduar polearm before but I saw this while looking at old pvp stuff and thought it would go perfect with this mog.

4) I don't have any particular weapon I'm gunning for, but I have some items I need for my pvp mog which I'm still working on and might show when I complete it.

5) Alysra's Razor (heroic), Balnazzar's horn, any of this or last season's daggers would all go well provided they didn't show the chants.
1) 8/10 color look subtle n sexy

2) armor and weapon mash well together

3) http://us.battle.net/wow/en/item/32838

4) N/A not grindind for anything

5) N/A look fine as is
Nice unique green. Not sure what you could use for actual transmog weapons though. First choice would be Shards, but...monk. :P

Also, I win. :P

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