Does this bother anybody else?

The only +agi boots that drop in ToT match the monk set, not the rogue set.

I see that Spiderweb Tabi are a trash drop but the drop rate seems incredibly low and I doubt the existence of a Heroic version entirely.

So basically our options for getting matching boots this tier are 1. spend a crap ton of gold on Quilen Hide Boots 2. Get quite lucky for Spiderweb Tabi 3. Kill Ra-Den for Twist-Toe Tabi

I can't be the only bothered by this. Also looking for x-mog suggestions to match.
No, I feel you there. I actually like that xmog mog set honestly. It looks sort of like a werewolf transylvania looking set and yeah, looks awesome. It doesn't look "AMAZING" on a BE, but it definately looks awesome though, might even go UD if it looks better on that race.

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