Morning/Daytime Raiding Guild <Nap Time> LFM

Greetings morning and daytime raiders!

Do you work in the evenings or from home? Do you have a real life or a family (or both) that take up your time during "regular" raiding hours? But do you STILL want to raid in a progression-focused environment with fun, knowledgeable, and extremely skilled players?

<Nap Time>, a newly formed horde raiding guild on US-Kil'Jaeden may be just the opportunity you've been looking for. We are currently recruiting a TANK and DPS for our core 10-man raid, but we are ACCEPTING ALL EXCEPTIONAL RAIDERS. We are willing to forego the usual application process in lieu of a Mumble interview; we want to make sure all raiders will 'fit' with our core team.

Monday/Wednesday 9am-12 PST/server time (11-2 CST, 12-3 EST)

That is progression raiding on a 2-day, 6-hour/week schedule. It doesn't get better than that.

Nap Time's leadership is composed of former hardcore progression raiders whose schedules no longer permit them to raid at standard hours. The lack of progression-oriented daytime raiding guilds caused us to form our own. We are seeking like-minded raiders who are excellent at their class, and always looking to improve.

Our website,, is still somewhat under construction, but you can add me on realid at FlamingoXing#1755 if you are interested in this opportunity, and we'll get you in Mumble for an interview.

(note: this current lvl1 guild, Nap Tyme, is merely a placeholder on the realm until we can transfer our high level guild, Nap Time, to the server. We ran into the change-of-GM-transfer-lockdown issue).
lookin for morning raiders lezzzgoooooo
Hi there, I added you on realID this morning, I am the tank interested. I have work this evening until 7am EST but will be off for the next 3 days. Hopefully we can talk soon!
Awesome, I accepted your invite. Looking forward to chatting with you.
I like the guild name, not gonna lie. Come to alliance and i'll join you.
I'm on now if you have a moment.
Xetes--we like it too! :P I vote you should come horde.
I like the guild name, not gonna lie. Come to alliance and i'll join you.

There is an advantage to playing a Death Knight on Horde sides, Xetes. You can roll orc female. Anything else is just settling.
Hello, im from The forgotten coast but im willing to transfer
are you still looking for people to raid with cause i really would love to be part of a day time raiding guild

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