So, about that hit and expertise.

I tried being fully capped with both hit and Expertise the other night, and I found it to be very bland. I don't see why people are saying that you have to be completely capped. It is not a good thing to lose out on those missed hits every now and again with it hurting my holy power regen, but the small chance of it happening seems to be negated by how much extra stats I receive from not gemming into full cap. I understand that it is a must for Haste tanks, as they die if they don't have it up, but I have no real problems with aggro besides our DK pulling a bit of threat at first "but isn't that just DKs being DKs". I don't know if people just don't use the method because everyone is going haste tanking, or if i'm just being extremely lucky.
I make sure to have 0% hit, so then I have a excuse to why I suck. =)
It's not so much about how much Holy Power you lose over the course of a fight (which technically is minimal, barring bad luck), it's about reliability. Having your Holy Power generators always hit means you can plan ahead.

For example, say you know a major boss attack is coming in a few seconds. If you're capped, you will know without a doubt that if you hit Crusader Strike one second before the boss attack, you'll have the three Holy Power needed to use Shield of the Righteous. If you're not capped, you run the risk of that CS being parried and not being able to get ShoR up in time.

Will that kill you? Not always. But it's worth consideration.
Hit/Exp + Haste stacking not only provides smooth HP gen but also more seal procs that add to healing.
See I get that, and I realize that you should try to plan accordingly, but I still feel that the extra stats out-whey that. I mean, unlike hastidins, I can take hits and not get !@#$ on when SoTR isn't up. But normally It is, it's all just a matter of luck I guess. I was just posting this for people who wonder like me.
I will not go with haste, and it looks like they are gonna get super nerfed in 5.3 or .4
There's no soft-cap on expertise (not on the parts we care about, anyway, which is the Holy Power). If any expertise is worthwhile, going all the way to 15% is worthwhile.

...but I see you're reforging out of hit/expertise as hard as you can, so I guess you've traded that particular error for a more severe one...?
If you are going for a no hit/exp+mastery build, why would you reforge your trinket from exp into parry? why not more mastery? Or the dodge on your helm/ring INTO parry, and why the dodge enchant on the bracers when it could be mastery?
I made the exact opposite thread a few weeks ago because I ran exactly ONCE in the issue Keten brings up. It ended up killing me on one of our best attempts on a raid boss. All because I tried to maximize other stats vs over capping exp/hit.

The one time it would have mattered, you'll regret the choice. I was the same, running under hit/exp cap until that day. I've changed 180 since then and always make sure to run a bit over cap.
I will not go with haste, and it looks like they are gonna get super nerfed in 5.3 or .4

There is absolutely zero indication that there will be any nerfs to Prot haste builds any time in the future yet. Blizzard has said that they're fine with Prots stacking haste--they just didn't like how much Prot avoided avoidance, so they fiddled with Grand Crusader to make avoidance more appealing.

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