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Area 52
Three Die Six is now turning into a 25 man raid guild!

Currently the guild is 5/12 regular ToT, and pushing hard into the content. Our goal is to keep progressing and push into Hardmodes as soon as possible.

Raid times are 9:30 (AM) to 1:30 (PM).

Recruitment wise we are looking for anyone that can be on in the mornings to raid. But for raids spots, we are specifically looking for a DPS monk currently. Other spots will open up in due time when guild reconstructions is complete.

Get in contact with Käzmar (alt 132 for the a) or Ayanidanid for more details or questions. If you are from another server my Battle ID is Kazmar3D6#1800
Still looking for that monk DPS!
Monk DPS slot still open, any out there?
DPS Monk slot still open.

Now 6/12 normal ToT.
Looking for Windwalker monk, as well as a frost/arcane mage for raids!

NOTE: We are running as a 25 man guild now.
Three Die Six is now 8/12 ToT.
Looking for Mistwalker and Windwalker monk, Mage, and Hunter for 25 man raids.
Still recruiting a mage, windwalker monk, or elemental/enhance shaman, as well as a monk or druid healer for 25 man ToT.

**** NOTE ******* these are for core spots.


We flipped the switch to 25 man raids three weeks ago. Currently 8/12. Loot is EPGP. Outlook: Heroic. Environment: Friendly. Come join us. You know you want to...
^^^^^ this man speaks the truth.
Mage and monk healer slot still open. Druid and monk DPS is now closed.
Durumu 25 down. Still recruiting.
Primordius 25 down. Mage recruitment is now closed. Soon to be 10/12
High need of priest/shammy/pally healers.
Priests slots wide open for recruitment!
Hey, I was wondering if you guys were still looking for a ww monk.
server restarts suck ><
Yo suckas, Dark Animus down 25 man. 9/12
Still recruiting DPS classes that want to raid in the mornings.
Dark animus down before restart, can't complain :D

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