Getting OS Gear With Current System


I play prot and I love the tanking style. When I got to Pandaland I switched to Ret so things would die faster. However all I get now is DPS gear which I understand because of how the quest loot system works.

My problem is I want all the 450 tank gear Dread Wastes has to offer... But don't want to spend extra time killing things as protection spec. Is there any workaround? Should I just switch specs before I cash in the quests with the loot I want?

Since you're still lvling, right before you turn in a quest, switch your spec to protection; the gear you'd get would be protection while being able to do quest as ret.
The good news is that most of the higher level zones will give you a choice rather than automatically assigning loot. This is especially the case with blue quest rewards. The starting zone green quest reward items can all be purchased from a vendor in the jade forest as well in case you got something for the wrong spec.

Thank you both and have a nice night!
You too Mr.Moo-Moo!

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