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I've got two characters (Slashdotcom and Nairomi - Ysondre) that haven't been played since the Burning Crusade...that were deleted during the Burning Crusade, that are still showing up in my profile. I do not know why these GHOST CHARACTERS still appear. I have reported the issue multiple times and I have had no luck. If I could attach a screenshot of this, it would make it clearer. Characters that were deleted three expansions ago should not be appearing in my profile on the B.Net website. It is more than an annoyance. Please help!

Still seeing GHOST CHARACTERS in my profile that were deleted THREE EXPANSIONS ago. I created Nairomi (Shaman) and Slashdotcom (Rogue) on Ysondre during The Burning Crusade. I deleted these characters during the same expansion...yet still they remain. Wonder what it is that is causing is VERY weird.


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