Hey guys planing on moving my toon from Mag

Hey there,

im planing on making Illidan my new home and was wondering if you guys we're aware of any Quebec member based guild here on Illidan? if not thats fine im bilingual :)

Thx for the reply in advance!
pls don't leave us
LoL Pozy are you on every forum? :D
Some people are spread out all accross the server,

The only Quebec guild, La Croisade split like 2 months,
There's not alot of quebecois to recruts here on Illidan

The only server that I'm aware of a quebecois population Horde is Lethon with a very very very very low pop

Or if you wanna make the jump to Zul Jin ( PvE) Alliance side, it's full of frenchies. and the trade chat is in french
Gotcha Thx Charrue :D

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