Hello Zul'jin

Hello Zul’jin

<Exiled Legion> is a guild that was created 5 years ago on Doomhammer. Within the last couple years, we have seen the collapse of many 25-man guilds on our server. With decline in population, we knew we needed to move off the server if we wanted to continue being progressive. The plan was to move on 5.3 but, with the entire guild supporting the decision, we chose to come over sooner.

As far as raiding goes, we raid 9-10 hours a week on Tuesdays, Wednesday, Thursdays. We have maintained our niche of being a group of people that enjoy raiding together. We joke and have fun during trash, but know how to focus when being confronted with a new boss.

Socially, we do many things both inside and outside of the guild. Ranging from poker competitions, drunken LFR on sat nights, RL meetups, browser game challenges, movies, and pretty much anything that will make us laugh is fair game. We have been known on our server to do alt runs, old content runs and challenge mods.

We have a strict code of conduct that is to be upheld by anyone with our tag. You will not see a member of EL trolling, having misconduct in pugs or five mans, or adding to the nonsense that is usually general and trade chat. Anyone in EL knows they represent EL. We care very much about our reputation! If there is anything that you notice my team doing that does not uphold my standards, please let me know!

We used to run our drunken LFR with a mix of 2-3 guilds on Doomhammer. We would like to invite anyone on Zul’jin to join us Sat night at 8 CST/9 EST. Whisper anyone in our guild and they will either get you invited or let the group know who is wanting to go. This is a fun run with mains, alts, alcohol, and just a fun way to hang out with other players.

We are very excited about moving to Zul’Jin and especially going Horde. If you would like to know more about us, please visit our website at www.exiledlegion.com

See you all around,

Shay (GM) and All of Exiled Legion
I had a fun time meeting a couple members of Might last week. We had several servers to choose from even after spending hours cutting down the list. When it came down to it, Zul'jin's reputation, economy, and ideal data center location won us over.

We welcome many people onto our mumble to play other games with us. As Shay said, we are run drunkin LFR on Saturday nights that we open up for people to just come hang out with us. We have lots of LoL players and who knows what else.

I'm excited about being on Zul'jin and especially being horde. My character went from gnome to troll and finally get to see what my gear looks like. I look forward to my next few years of raiding on this server.

Love you all more than the midget in my house that people call my son,
Ranged Officer
Welcome to the server!
hi im priv

Shay left out some key info

We're currently 4/13H 25s
our website is http://exiledlegion.com/ (posting again)
Recruitment is open
04/19/2013 11:16 AMPosted by Peekingtom
My character went from gnome to troll and finally get to see what my gear looks like.

Don't you feel so much better now?
It's not so much a spinal problem as it is different structural anatomy. Quite superior, really.
I feel like I'm moving so slow without my twitchy gnome legs.

I hope you and anyone else in your guild can make it to drunkin LFR Sat night @ 9 EST!
Welcome to the server. I'm always excited to get a chance to drink myself into a mess, and call it a "social experience" instead of a "alcohol problem", so I'd be down to come along for an LFR tomorrow night.

Justinsane#1520 is my battletag. Add me with a note of who you are and hit me up sometime soon.
Hi Zul'jin! I'm very excited to see so many people practically everywhere! This is such a big improvement from our old server. It feels so good to be horde after so long of being Alliance!
Hi, I'm Priv.
Welcome to ZulJin! :)
welcome aboard
I must say I approve of this drinking fun to be had.
Drunk LFR tonight. 9 EST!
Welcome! We recently transferred to Zul'jin as well and are currently building our ranks.

We have been very happy here for the past several weeks. I hope you all are too.

Happy gaming!
cant wait to get drunk and kill bosses
Drunk LFR was awesome. Thanks <Might> for coming ;D
I'm Hyperspace.

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