[H] <So Fun Being Casual> 10man Recruiting!!!

Bleeding Hollow
<So Fun Being Casual> is recruiting for our 10man raid group.

We are a group of individuals who have been raiding together for the past 2 years. We have all just returned recently to the game. We are looking to hit progression hard after the semester is over, aka first week of May. We have a strong, relaxed, and fun core that is looking for a few more members to solidify our raid group. Currently a few of our core is 12/12 in ToT.

We are currently recruiting:
1 Tank - Prot Pally or Blood DK
1 DPS - Rogue or Warlock

We are looking for players with some experience in ToT and a 490+ itmlvl. If you do not meet the requirements or are not one of the classes listed above, I still encourage you to contact me (Ziggy) for further consideration.

The group will be raiding Tuesday and Wednesday from 9:30pm - 12:30am EST and Monday from 10:00pm - 12:00am EST.

All are welcomed to join the guild (need helping leveling it anyway xD)!!!

If you are interested please contact Ziggy via mail, ingame tell, on this post, or via battletag (Zeke#1391).

Thanks friends, w!ll cy@
Bump :I

Resto sham or hunter available here if there are any openings
I will talk to ya ingame xD
still need tank and a dps, HALP!
Bump, looking for a tank, preferably pally/dk.
Still looking for a tank and 1 dps either Rogue or Warlock

Still need 1 tank prefer prot pally/blood dk and 1 dps prefer mage/lock/rogue

Starting raids on May 14th!!!
Still LF 2 DPS !!!

either Mage, Warlock, or a Rogue
no room 4 shaman?

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