very old scatter trap macro not working

UI and Macro
/castsequence reset=6 scatter shot, freezing trap

this used to scatter, set focus for silencing and pull up the green circle for freezing trap. before mop i had to put trap launcher in but now it stays toggled. i have been using this for years, but since 5.2 it wont work. did something change? is there any work around? i am basically crippled, trapping is already the hardest to use cc in the game, i dont need more handicaps, like needing to press multiple buttons for it.

now it wont fire scatter shot to start the macro.
I could be wrong as I haven't played my hunter in forever but I thought that trap launcher was what brought up the reticle that you could then set down wherever you wanted. If you just leave it as freezing trap like you have it, it'll just set it at your feet automatically, no? I'm not saying put it in the macro. Isn't trap launcher now an aura? That you have to have on if you want a reticle?
Just tested this on my hunter. I copy/pasted from what you posted.
With Trap Launcher toggled on, it does work properly. But you have to hit it twice for the trap circle to come up.
But you have to hit it twice for the trap circle to come up.
Of course - and this isn't anything new. A castsequence macro casts the next spell in the sequence each time the button is pressed.
Trap launcher is a toggle now. Turn it off before you go into combat and you can do it the way you used to.

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