[A]<Riven>(8/12) LF a Resto/Ele Shaman.

Hello everyone! Riven is a fairly small, friendly guild that transferred to Lightbringer shortly after the start of MoP. We are a 10 man raiding guild that likes to focus on keeping things fun while still staying focused on progression. We raid Mon, Tues, and Thur from 8pm-11pm PST.

What we are currently looking for:
A Resto/Elemental shaman to fill the hybrid/swing healer spot. Somewhere around 490-500 ilvl at least and knowledge of the ToT normal encounters(experience preferred but not necessary).

What we are expecting:
Someone with a good understanding of both specs you will be playing and the ability to learn and adapt to new encounters. We use mumble, and while we won't ask that you have a mic, it is preferred.

Our roster:
We are currently trying to run with a tight 11 man roster for our main group. This allows us to slightly change our comp on a per fight basis and also makes it much easier to keep going when someone has to miss out on a night. We try to not have anyone sit more than 1 fight a night unless there is some kind of issue that requires more than that. We generally will base the rotation of who's in/out primarily on the gear the boss drops, and then on comp and performance.

How to apply:
Drop by our site at http://raptus.enjin.com/ and fill out an application. You can also get in touch with me or another officer directly if you have any questions. Iriazi#1944
Found something that fit. Assuming all works out, then we have found what we need.

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