How am I setup for metagame?

Pet Battles
Not sure what the armory shows, but I'm currently rolling a phoenix hatchling, onyxian whelpling and a jade oozling with a gilnean raven that I use as a sub. How will my team fair at 25? I'm not looking to setup a "team of the week" build or anything, but I haven't been playing for long (pet battles) and would like to know if I have any gaping holes that I'm not seeing.
Kun-Lai Runt / Raven / Oozeling would work pretty well. I would ditch the Phoenix Hatchling and Onyxian Whelpling, though.
Those are all 3 excellent pets. In the right breeds they are all very strong individual pets with diverse movesets and healing abilities. They are all very useful in PVE. And I'm sure you could win a lot of games in PVP.

But PVP is much more about team synergy. The best teams have movesets that work together in some way to elevate them. The Jade Oozeling and the Raven are excellent team pets. The moves on the phoenix that are good in PVP are conflagrate and immolation, but there are better pets that use those moves. Unless you really like the speed on the phoenix, you are better off with something like a Corefire Imp or Fel Flame. Onyxian Whelp is a great versatile pet, but has no synergy at all. I wouldn't say that it's a liability per se, but you would be better off brining a pet that has a weather ability or benefits from a weather ability. Using weather effects well is really the core of pvp right now.
Thank you for your response. I have been considering swapping the Ony welp for celestial dragon (gets flame thrower next patch). I have also been thinking about dropping the phoenix for lil' ragnaros as he is basically the same thing, but hits harder and has flame thrower instead of immolate (which I believe is superior).

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