rolling windwaker or fury warrior :O

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and which race, i'm just so indecisive >,< lolol
We can't tell you what to play. Either is fine.

If you don't give us any information about what you want from a class then how can we help you?

Races also don't really matter at all.
Pandaren(alliance) monk!

And posts like this won't help either. The OP might as well flip a coin.

I can easily say either, it won't allow you to play a class you actually enjoy.

Maybe you'll like the rage mechanic more then energy.
Maybe you want to be a goblin
Maybe you want to dual wield 2hs
Maybe you want to have great mobility
Maybe you want to wear light armor or plate
Maybe you want to have an OS for healing
Maybe you want the daily XP buff

The list goes on and on.

We don't know anything about what you want from a class.
ok i'm narrowing it down to panderen horde, i love martial arts, so that makes monk much more do-able but warrior is pretty fun as well, O.o haha
Play both up to lvl 30 and see. By then, one will stand out as more fun than the other.
Both classes are very mobile. I prefer warriors over monks though because I can handle rage better than I can energy. Seeing as you are a rogue however, you will be used to the energy system. I would probably say that If you have never done a warrior before - you would be better off rolling monk
To ba fair, handing the energy before lvl 90 (even 85) isnt terrible, so long as you watch your chi and use it. FoF is great to use on CD to allow energy to rebuild. once you know your priorities down (in any class, really) then you wont have to worry about Mana/Energy/Rage. whatever.

Now, I need to go level my warrior up (he's still at lvl 85).
ty rylar for the insight!

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