Arms BIS Trinkets 5.2

I noticed alot of people asking about BIS Arms trinkets, so I went and made the list. Thanks to Collision and Curoar for the help.

Please note the Fabled Feather will have an *. Alot of the ToT gear will put us over hit cap, which unlike Fury, provides us with nothing. Keeping that in mind, you will see the single * will have a significant boost over the other.
*only if you can handle ALL of the Hit
**if you are over hit cap

H=Heroic, TF=Thunderforged, N=Normal

1. H TF Fabled Feather*
2. H Fabled Feather*
3. N TF Fabled Feather*
4. H TF Fabled Feather**
5. N Fabled Feather*
6. H Fabled Feather**
7. H TF Gaze
8. H TF Primordius
9. H Gaze
10. N TF Fabled Feather**
11. H Primordius
12. H TF Spark of Zandalar
13. N TF Gaze
14. N Fabled Feather**
15. Brutal Talisman (if you can handle all of the expertise)
16. H Spark of Zandalar
17. N TF Primordius
18. N Gaze
19. N TF Spark of Zandalar
20. N Primordius
21. H Lei Shen 2/2
22. Brutal Talisman (if you cannot handle all of the expertise)
23. LFR Fabled Feather*
Thanx for the list.. very helpful :)
Quick question what is Thunderforged?

Thank you
Quick question what is Thunderforged?

Thank you
In Normal and heroic mode there is a chance on 10 and 25, though it is higher on 25, for thunderforged versions of items to drop. They're stronger than their non-thunderforged counterparts.
Thunderforged items are just the same items as their normal/heroic equivalents, only 6 ilvls higher.

So a heroic thunderforged item is ilvl 541 (up from 535), and a normal thunderforged item is ilvl 528 (up from 522). Think item upgrades but they're just RNG drops.
Thanks for the list Keg <3
The list has been added to the Arms Guide on the sticky. Thanks a bunch Keg :D

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