Zealots of Cloister is Recruitng

We are a level 25 guild looking for new members (raid/casual) to refill our ranks. Raid times Tue/Thurs 5pm-7ish server. Need non pally tanks and all dps classes. If you are new to raiding and want to learn we are happy to work with you. Casual players are welcome as well as those leveling toons who would like to raid in the future. The guild consists of mature working adults with families who like to have fun and raid. No drama or rudeness allowed. Contact myself, Sollarian or Akhuntard in game or respond to this message if your interested.
Hi there (Posting on alt)

My fiancee and I are looking to move to Proudmoore. We started some characters there but we want to transfer our high levels here.

My warlock has ilevel 480 (http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/khadgar/Nidyam/simple)
and he has a pally, monk, warrior and some others.. I linked you my lock.

We would like to speak with you and see if we are a fit .. Our move to Proudmoore with the high levels won't be for a few weeks.. we hope..

Hope to talk to you soon

battle tag Nid#1703
Hi there. I seem to be having trouble adding you or anyone right now. Mine is Bastilashan#1947. Hopefully you can add me. Would like to chat with you.
ZoC is still recruiting. We are looking for all types of players to join us. We need tanks and dps for raiding and social casual players as well. PST Bastilashan, Sollarian or Akhuntard in game for more information. We're a bunch of working adults with families. We've had some guild hoppers lately so we are looking for serious inquiries only.
We still have a few raid spots to fill. Currently we are looking for 3 more dps to complete our team. Prefer lock, monk and rogue. We're full on everything else. Raid times are Tues/Thurs from 5pm-7pm-ish server. It's ok if you haven't raided in awhile. We are just getting back into the swing of things so we will work with you. As long as you consistently show up and are willing to learn you will have a raid spot. We are progressing and hope to get to ToT in the near future. Casual players are also welcome!! We have had a great response and would love more people for guild events such as scenarios and timed dungeons as well!

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