The Cult of Zemlja [A] (RP guild)

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The Cult of Zemlja is looking for members to combat the evil deviants of Azeroth. We are an evil roleplay guild based inside Westfall.

[ Infomation ] : The Cult of Zemlja is a bizarre group that believes Azeroth is a god, and that soil is the foundation of all life. We call our god, "Zemlja," which is the Serbian sound for earth. Followers of Zemlja believe humanity, and all other life, had crawled out of soil in the beginning of life. The cultists of Zemlja often associate themselves with the Burning Legion, and that is because we believe the solid god had brought the Burning Legion into existence to cleanse the world of deviants. The Geodomin, and other cultists, will be hosting rituals that involve people being sacrificed to the earth. The majority of these rituals would represent beliefs of the cult. The Cult of Zemlja believes that all life that had came from soil must return to it. We strongly oppose the undead because of this belief. The Geodomin promises a life of bliss in the afterlife to his followers. The people that do not follow the cult's beliefs are called, "Deviants."

[Restrictions]: You cannot be anyone of these classes:
[Death Knight]

[Goal]: The Cult of Zemlja only wants to annihilate everyone on Azeroth.

[Contact]: If you'd like to join our guild: contact me, and I will send an invitation. If I am not online, send a letter to Rilgan. (We often communicate with mailboxes anyways).

Here is an advertisement:

You're walking in the Cathedral District, when suddenly, a bird lands onto your shoulder, "Hey! you should join <The Cult of Zemlja>; It'll be a blast!" says the bird. You realize the bird is right, and you leave civilization to worship dirt. <The Cult of Zemlja> (RP guild)

Youtube Interview:

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We will host a ritual soon. This ritual will include Duncan as our victim.
Bump! for the solid god!
We also offer a variety of uniforms. These uniforms are the most fabulous outfits in the Eastern Kingdoms!

I'd like to see better uniforms. What guild has better uniforms than The Cult of Zemlja?

P.S. Cultists should not wear uniforms in outside Westfall or ritual grounds. The only cultists that can wear uniforms in Stormwind City are specans. If there is an event outside Westfall, you can wear your uniform to the event. In the name of the solid god, I command you to wear your uniforms and blissfully worship in them!
o-=[ Question of the Day ]=-o

( What is your favorite color? )

Blue, no- yellooooooooowwwwwwww....!
Bump! for the color yellow!
What no priests! lame....Bump
My FABULOUS references are wasted on you people.

Does Rilgan still have the Mark of the Coven on his wrist? Just out of curiosity!
Oh, also, does he consider himself to be on hostile ground with what's left of The Shadowguard?

Your role-play seems... interesting- to say the least.
Yes, Rilgan still has the Mark of the Coven on his wrist. He doesn't like what remains of The Shadowguard. If Rilgan had a chance, he would likely try to kill the Darkmother. The Darkmother is believed to be a deviant in the Cult of Zemlja, and she is on bad terms with Rilgan. I'd say that Rilgan is mentally scarred from his experience in, "The Vault." The Cult of Zemlja is an aggressive group that doesn't like anyone except for those that associate themselves with the Burning Legion. We are hostile and crazy cultists in Westfall that want to kill everyone who isn't following their belief. Cultists of Zemlja aren't crazy enough to randomly attack a deviant in public, but they are likely to try something at sometime. Rilgan placed the Darkmother on a list to be killed. BUMP!
04/25/2013 02:41 PMPosted by Rilgan
We are hostile and crazy cultists in Westfall that want to kill everyone who isn't following their belief.

So it's like me. :D
So it's like me. :D

Yep, that's us.
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( What is your favorite animal?)
I love bears.

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