The Cult of Zemlja [A] (RP guild)

Wyrmrest Accord
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We will be great enemies. Send me an in-game letter about your guild.
Bump for the smashing-of-ribcages.
I've recently removed the old Shawl and have transferred this new, sexier Shawl to WrA. If thou hast any questions about our soon-to-be guild, lemme know in-game. :D

Also bump.

I will talk with you sometime in-game.
A friendly bump. Thanks for throwing some RP our way, I look forward to how this develops!
I hope it develops well.
Und we are ready. :D

A bump for thee.
Thank you!
Is "Zemlja" a random name, or does it have a significance?
A bump for Zemlja! the god of earth, for we wouldn't be without the solid god. Praise the soil and its people.
Morning bump.
-Wipes tear- " Wait and see, deviants.... we'll grow, and we will cleanse the Penumbra. The Solid God's reign will return, and I will redeem my rightful place as a king. Zemlja will illuminate the Penumbra and reveal the vile cravens that walk upon it. The people will see through the darkness and exult in the comfort of my Kingdom of Earth. And when the time comes, the world will return to normal; we will expel the deviants, and the world will no longer deviate from righteousness."

-Runs off into the wilderness-

" Rejoice Followers of Zemlja, for the Consummation will come to be!"

Bump, for the Solid God!
Embrace Zemlja!
Note: The Cult of Zemlja no longer dwells in Westfall, but its influence remains strong.

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