2 Skill Macro?

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How would I make a macro with 2 skills, they are both Instant, but there is a small cooldown for the second skill after the first is casted.
I tried:
/cast Hammer of Justice
/cast Holy Wrath

Am I doing this write? I want a stun macro for instances.
You can't make a macro like this. The global cooldown prevents this from working.

You'll need to make a cast sequence macro or have them on separate buttons.

For more information on macros check the sticky up above.
How would I do that? Could you give me an example to do this?
There's an example in this thread:


It's the sticky thread from near the top of this forum, the one Monmonn was talking about.
How would I do that? Could you give me an example to do this?

Sequential Cast Macros
This is one of my favorite kinds of macro. A sequential casting macro will look at a list of abilities that you've given it and it will cast then one at a time in the specified order. Here is a basic example that may be familiar.

/castsequence Blessing of Kings, Seal of Truth, Righteous Fury

If you push the button 3 times, you will get one cast of each buff. This can be worked into rotations with very interesting effects. Here's a macro that I use every combat:

/castsequence [mod]Shield of the Righteous; Holy Wrath, Consecrate, Holy Wrath

From the sticky.

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