Combat Rogue PvP Suggestion

All I need for combat is Riposte, Ghostly Strike, and a 2 minute Evasion and ill be fine with combat.

But but, Ghostly Strike was a sub talent!

Riposte T_T
5.3 does not bode well for combat. The only reason it is even remotely usable is due to the extreme burst it can put out with both Adren/Shadow Blades or Killing Spree in an 8 second kidney. With the overall burst nerfs due to PvP power reduction going into effect it looks like Subt's utility or Assassinations huge sustained output will be relatively better by comparison. Le sigh.
On live, you have to be incredibly lucky to reach deep insight and not be taking a dirt nap lol.

Revealing Strike change on the PTR is strange as it is tiny DPS gain in PVE, but for PVP it helps out a lot.
I'm looking forward to it. Not looking forward to some of the buffs other classes are getting but certainly looking forward to fights being extended a bit.
combat needs to be less rng vulnerable to be viable. bandits guile sucks, to much rng, but that is life. bake expose armor into revealing strike and reduce burst cds 10-25% and BAM! combat is back baby

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