What battle pets do you want to see?

Pet Battles
I would love to see more demon pets, Furblog, and dryad pet.
I'd like a mini voidwalker pet.
Mini Shredder. And maybe a Mini Gnomish Pounder thing.

Or a baby shark. I don't know why, but it seems amazing.
A tiny yak, a tiny talbuk and a tiny wind serpent. Yep.
A pet peeve (mini sha)
baby murlock

What about animated weapons? (there's potentially a whole genre of pets there - self-propelled floating versions from some tweak of the existing library of model animations)
Or a baby shark. I don't know why, but it seems amazing.

The minnow shark :)
Or a baby shark. I don't know why, but it seems amazing.

There was a baby shark datamined a long while back, but never made it live.
Mini Supremus, the Minfernal just doesn't cut it.
I'd like a mini voidwalker pet.

Your wish will come true next patch when you can get one off Tempest Keep.
I wanted a new mini tyrael - next patch its unborn valkyr.
I wanted to see a hydra pet - its coming, just it looks like it will be weak.

I'm excited, blizzard is pretty good at coming out with new cool pets.
Lil' Marrowgar! (with a mini Bryntroll, the Bone Arbiter)
Mini Crabby
Twilight whelpling.
Another tentacle pet - this time of the C'thun variety.
Definately one of those mini squids like the Mindbender.

And a Blackrock Depths golem, and it's gotta have flamethrower.
I'd light to see actual dragon pets not whelplings... the models probably dont look good scaled down that much though.
Mini Illidan!
A bronze dragon whelpling--I shall name her Chromie! Also, a satyr and other demonic pets. Finally, a magic family domestic cat with the Elegon/Algalon appearance!

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