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I have been thinking, would...

Blacksmithing + Jewlcrafting (600, both) be better than

Blacksmithing + Mining? (600, both)

Would the first option be better because of the gems and because of the extra sockets which provide more raw stats?

Thanks in advance!
A crafting profession is always better for stats then a gathering profession. Mining just adds stamina. Blacksmithing and Jewelcrafting would be great because you get to decide exactly what stats you want.
I tend to pair blacksmithing with JC. My miner tends to be my Engineer. This was because back in Cata only Engineers could benefit from the contraption that gave extra Volatile Air while mining.

<------ my main, however, is mining + skinning, which supports Bavra's position.
I get about 5000 health with mining.

Doesn't seem much. I shall pair JC with BS then.

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