Dunno what I wanna do at 90

First I'll just say this is an alt so I'll mostly be doing LFR and guild alt runs. My main is a mage.

Right now I'm at a toss up between Holy and Ret. This was my original toon from vanilla (though he's undergone a faction change/race change/name change since then) but was only my main during that time.

I'll say deep down I think I want to go ret since I've never really done it as my main spec in PvE. I played it briefly at the start of Cata but other than that I've either been holy (vanilla, cata) or prot (BC, WotLK).

Only thing keeping me back is I already have a DPS as my main. I also have a DK I plan to level from 85 to 90 sometime down the road and I'll definitely be going DPS as well with him. I don't really get bored of DPS, it's definitely the role I'm best at and enjoy the most. Just don't much like the idea of having 2 DPS plate classes. I'd also like to be able to offer a role other than just DPS to my guild when needed. My guild doesn't really ever use alts for the main run but it still would be nice for 5-man/LFR queues and such.

I don't have a problem with Holy I've just wanted to play Ret for a while but never have for one reason or another (did try really hard to play it during vanilla which..didn't end so well), so deep down I think I really just wanna go Ret, but I'm afraid if I do it'll put me off leveling my DK later, plus I'll feel overly saturated with DPS toons.

It's all up to me though my guild doesn't really care. I asked on vent one night and one guy immediately was like "go Ret" so it's all up to me. lol
A couple options you may not have considered:

Ret and Prot overlap a lot in terms of gear/preferred stats, so it requires very little effort for Ret to maintain a workable Prot offset. (In dungeons/LFR you can get away with just wearing your entire Ret set.) I don't know if you're interested in tanking though.

It's not particularly viable for raids, but Ret is actually capable of healing dungeons pretty well. Battle Healer glyph, Selfless Healer, and Holy Prism are plenty to get the job done. You'll probably need to gear up a little before this becomes practical, but it does give you the option of filling a healer role for guild dungeon runs using your Ret gear. It's also, IMO, very fun in a way that few other things in this game are.

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