So this one time...

So there I was, waiting for Leila to Kickstart My Heart as I was waiting on the Highway To Hell for the Crazy Train back in the Summer Of 69 trying to go to Beverly Hills while singing the Ballad of Chasey Lane even though She Hates Me because I told her I Want You To Want Me and Kiss Me I'm Sh**faced since I Would Do ...Anything For Love even though its a Family Tradition to do Co***** while telling Unholy Confessions because I'm a Rockstar and My Name Is Mud so I Wanna Rock with TNT until the Champagne Supernova turns to Dust In The Wind on the Stairway To Heaven since Tears Don't Fall from the Rainmaker while Thunderstruck so Pour Some Sugar On Me while I beat on my Wonderwall and tell How You Remind Me that Mr. Krinkle rang Hells Bells with a ****pipe like a Bat Out Of Hell with enough Fuel to be Down With The Sickness.
One time I thought I had a pinky toe. Turns out I was wrong. Or drunk.
It's like the radio vomited on my screen.
Might be four songs in there that I enjoy.

I do one of these with the genre of music I enjoy. But I'd be insta perma banned.

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