(H) Looking for the right guild!

I am going to be transferring here, and looking for a great guild to join. Actually.. its going to be me and about 4-5 other members from my guild! (All over 18) Possibly a hunter, priest, warlock, the rest haven't decided who to bring.

We love to raid, but have lost some members since MoP came out so we have not experienced much past MV. Wanting to get back working at progression! We understand we might not end up in the same raid group, (Usually ran Mon/Tues/Wed, I can do any night) but would like to end up in the same guild.

For me personally, I am 6/6 MV and 2/6 HoF. 501 ilvl Resto/Balance. I love to do older content and farm mounts too.

If we sound like people you could be looking for, reply or message me in game - Nuru#1777
Not sure how many spots we have available but whisper Kyba or myself in game to chat if you would like.
Are you transferring to alliance side or Horde? If you are coming to the Horde Side look us up would like to talk about what you are looking for in a raid/guild setting.
Horde side. Gonna do a server/faction change.
We are looking into starting another raid team....Battle ID is Bruise#1748 if you want to chat
Hey, I think we could help we are getting our second group back up and running. It is lead but some current core raiders and some newer to the expansion raiders like yourself. Hit me up at timmeron#1449 and we can talk about keeping your group together and just filling in what we need. Thanks and good luck with your guild search.
Hey there, look us up, we are always looking for raiders, we just came here as well, most of our core intact and would love to add to our weird crazy family

Hi there,

My Little Pwnie is a transfer from Garona to Thrall looking for new blood to join our raids.
Our core is intact as we agreed to leave a dead server to join a more lively one.

Currently we are

6/6 MSV
6/6 HoF
3/4 toe (elite protectors)
1/12 ToT

Mostly need dps, can use a warlock, boomkin and a death knight, of course we will look into all applicants.

We have an easy raid week,

Tuesday 8-11 est
Sunday 8-11 est and looking to open up Wednesdays for progression

If you are looking for a casual raiding guild with some great people to enjoy the game you won't be disappointed.

Look for Dilaec, Grohagnar, tokeinfury or Oberheuser in game for more information.

My battle tag is, Grohagnar#1828
Hey Nyota, We are currently looking for a few good people to fill out a 25man raid group. Currently 3/12 in our 10m group We raid Sunday and Monday 9pm server - 12pm server. If you and your friends are interested please add my battletag Ludo#1112 and we can chat.
Hey Nyota,

The Chosen [H] is looking for 2 heals and 3 dps to round out our 2nd 10m team. We are trying to run 2 progression teams so we can come together as a guild for the occasional 25. We are 16/16 and 3/12 ToT. We raid M, W, Th from 8:30-11pm est. We are all over 18 and are part of a larger gaming community. We run older stuff on Sundays for achieves, transmogs, etc. I'd love to talk to see if we meet your needs. My btag is Turtle#1235. You can also check us out at thechosenguild.net

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