So allow me to set the stage; There I was, minding my own business all happy like DPSing Tayak, and all of the sudden he decided to use Unseen Strike, and everything went wrong from there. I hastily panicked and tried to run toward all else for comfort, i felt like i was being watched, perhaps i was in danger or a violent hate crime, or worse... it might have been combat. All i wanted was some security, i was scared. i didnt know what to do. could this be it? could this be the end? Was this the end of the karrot man? What was there to do? alas! there was hope! i ossy could have been my savior, but then, who would have known, fail heals time, no grip, game over, life over. i was none. That was the end of all karrot cakes to be or ever to have been.
So the obviously the natural next step was to g quit, toon transfer, no! not enough... account delete time. had to tell everyone else in the raid, they quit too.
moral of the story, ozzy crap heals. thank you for your attention.
um, Ice Barrier, greater invis-GG
um, Ice Barrier, greater invis-GG

You are annoying
but correct none the less

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