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<Blackhand> (H) of Stormreaver is currently looking for the following class/specs to raid with us in our 10 man progression group. We are a casual raiding guild that is comprised of people who have played together over the course of the past 7 years. Originally built by two brothers and their friends, Blackhand was formed with the primary focus of having fun, incorporating a vibrant social community, and pursuing the end game content in World of Warcraft. Having started raiding a little bit late into the expansion, Blackhand is quickly clearing T14 content with Jin’rokh the Breaker on farm. With your help, we are looking to fully push into Throne of Thunder soon!

Classes being considered:

Restoration Shaman(Strong need)

Balance Druid (Strong need)

Elemental Shaman


Raid times:

Tuesday (8:30-11:00 PM EST)

Thursday (7:30-11:00 PM EST)


6/6 MsV

6/6 HoF

4/4 ToES

1/12 ToT

While killing bosses is important to us, it is equally important to us that our potential applicants enjoy hanging out with their guild aside from just showing up for raid. If you are a positive, enthusiastic player who appreciates being in a guild that participates with each other outside of scheduled raid times, and enjoys playing with like minded individuals, you may be a good fit for us!

If you are interested in joining a kicked back, close knit group of friends who like to get things done come raid time while simultaneously having a killer time, or if you have any questions, feel free to respond here or please whisper or send an in-game mail to Hauncho (Guild Leader), Thetans (Council), or Ccatalyst (Council) and we can discuss your future with us!
Something I want to reiterate, we raid and we do it having fun. Our team is made up of previous hardcore progression raiders and family. We're 1/12 because we started raiding in March! A month ago! We're already into TOES and TOT!! We take it seriously and we're able to down bosses like a boss, so that enables us to be lighthearted and joke around a bit more than typical raiding teams. Please, don't ignore us simply because we're 1/12. We have not had enough people the last few weeks to be able to progress through TOT, and that's what we're looking for. Come and raid with us and take a core spot without all the hassle and anxiety of joining other raid teams. Our team is made up of BC, ICC, and CATA progression raiders; we know what's up and we're not pretensions asshats X3

Message one of the listed people and come and raid with us for a night, try us out and see if you like us :) We're looking for raiders and friends!
Cool people.
WOOO! Second night on TOES, and we got 3 untried bosses down. 4/4 T.O.E.S

Now we seriously need yall to come join us for T.O.T!! One month, every raid but T.O.T down. :3
It has only been three days since the OP, but is your class recruitment list still up to date? I'll attempt to contact later via in-game.
Yes sir!
Still looking for raiders to join us! Hit me up in game!
Still looking for people for raidssssssss!
It's late and my guild leader is harassing me.

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