Hey, i'm kinda new and have a question

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I recently started playing WoW and I bought the battle chest. I tried making a pandaren and it let me, don't I have to buy the expansion to play as one?
Race choice has nothing to do with your account status. Anybody can make any race.
So I can make a Pandaren and level it up without buying the expansion?
All the races are free from their former expansion-based ties. You can make a character of any race you want and level it up to the maximum level of your account status (battlechest is capped at 80)

The expansion ties that still exist are:

Flying in the original 1-60 areas
ability to level past 80, capped at 85.

Mists of Pandaria:
Monks (the class)
Ability to level past 85 capped at 90
Access to the 85-90 continent of Pandaria
and maybe (?) the trainer quests for Pet Battles (can still pet-battle without MoP, just can't challenge the pet master NPC's).

Everything else is included with the base package.
Ah alright. Thanks a lot, I appreciate it. I'm new to the game and I didn't want to buy an expansion just yet, but I will buy one down the road once I'm more experienced with the game. I really wanted to play as a Pandaren. I guess I can now, I didn't know that. I really do think this game is awesome and I should of started playing years ago.
I really do think this game is awesome and I should of started playing years ago.

It's changed a lot over the years. Enough so that former players who have been gone a really long time get quite a bit of a shock when they come back.

It's quite possible that it's awesome for you because of some of those changes, and that it may not have been so enjoyable for you prior to when some of the newer stuff was added.

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