(H) Putting down a Rodent Crate

Pet Battles
Finally decided to grind out the rest of the tokens I needed for this box. Will be using it in a few hours time; throwing out a bit of notice.

keye#1781 if you want to come and get http://www.wowhead.com/npc=68506 . Barthilas Horde.
Just a heads up to anyone trying to get in on this, Barthilas is an oceanic server, so anyone on US servers won't be able to cross realm into. Bliz made some changes during patch 5.1, including "Note that, due to the extreme time zone difference, Oceanic realms have a separate standardized time, and Oceanic realms aren’t coalesced with non-Oceanic realms for cross-realm zones. " I ran into this problem a couple weeks ago while running a Change of Command group, when 2 of the players weren't able to join the rest of us.

I was like, "dammit I missed this!", then it turned into, "oh wouldn't have worked anyway" then I was all =(.

Hope you caught a nice blue one, Keye!

(I need like 1200 more and I haven't done Dominance stuff for a few months. Rainy day project.)
I'm at 700 insignia's myself... when I pass 1k I'll probably break and grind them out.

Oh how I wish the insignia's where BoA though...

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