a friend told me this... KORE=killed on road easy lol

as I said this is not my joke I was asked to post it up, if it makes you upset I am sorry I cant delete the post it was a joke just to make people laugh... I do not believe kore sucks I think kore is pretty awesome and I do happen to like kore but like I said I am sorry if it makes any kore mad hurt or upset it was just for laughs.. sorry if im not very funny... most of your members are way better players then myself and so again im so sorry if I did hurt someones feelings
Do you agree with this, OP?
hey it was funny! not my fault ur a stick in the mud :P
What does a noob and a rogue have in common?
They both pick locks.

Q: Why don't warriors get their weapons enchanted with Int?
A: They don't want their weapons to be smarter than they are.

"I've killed dragons, a lot of hordes and countless other foes, I'm exalted with the entire Alliance faction, and many more, and you dare to tell me I cannot pass?"

"Sorry dude, you're still too small to ride the rollercoaster."
I love the jokes, Tainted =) Think I saw the intellect enchant one somewhere before

Though, as much as I love Peppers, he hasn't had much response to allegations of his guild turning tail and running once we bring in enough people to even the odds in a wpvp brawl.

I will agree with the OP if it means we get some real action this week.
Funny stuff Tainted. Ya, Kore is mostly made up of little children so makes since that they would turn tail and run when the big boys come to play.

OK I got a plan tomorrows hex's bday..... the party is a dal everyone kore too invaited... its 10 server, we got a gu8ild who wants to sing to hex on Skype as he jumps out of a cake and strips for hex and then hex gets a lap dance and his present for us and then cake for all and strippers and music.. then we go down below dal and do a full out epic battle KORE VS GPOD!!!! and everyone eles who wants to go too............. I am NOT singing to hex on Skype though sorry lol
This is coming from people that have more losses than wins in a tiny bracket of arenas?
Well tainted? What do you have to say to Rogvor??

Well tainted? What do you have to say to Rogvor??

This is coming from people that have more losses than wins in a tiny bracket of arenas?
me? lol idk he was talking to me, I thought he was talking to pretzel my bad sorry whats up rogor? you coming to the party?
Now you punks crossed me.
SWEET! ur coming... don't forget to bring a date and a gift for hex <3
see you tomorrow cutie pie ;) 10pm below dal server time
ps bring friends
I don't get it, is KORE an RP guild?
omg what is OP? and what is RP lol
I'll be there.
I can't find Molly.
Hold on....

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