Exiled Legion [H] 25m Tu-Th 8-11EST 13/13HM

Awh last tier we had two kills while i was absent and this tier we now have one. What is the world coming to!??!
I missed Empress last tier. :(

the place to be.
Updated our recruiting needs
Heroic Primordius down
Currently 8/13 HM....
All of my armor matches now. Its great.
Updated the main thread.
Heroic Twins DOWN 9/13
Hate you Durumu, be bugged when we aren't wanting to kill you! Kill heroic twins in 2 attempts this week.
Oh hello there. Didn't see you there
Because you were an !@# and decided to be bugged last week, we decided to kill you very quickly this week. Adios!
(for those wondering he's talking about Durumu) ;)
Who-what. Where. We're working on Dark Animus? Thats interesting.
Heroic Dark Animus is Down 11/13 heroic 25m

some logs :) if ya think i can do it if not gl :)
Hey Deep, right now we are apping a priest. If things don't work out with them I will get in touch with you.

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