Prot + Hunter w/ HM XP

Two past heroic players from Illidan looking for a semi-hardcore, mature guild. Both have top 5 experience with multiple classes and roles. Prot Pally (Ret OS) and SV Hunter, starting late this tier. (missing achievement points?) (Katira's priest)

I've main tanked since Wrath and play with DK roots, helping me to be more of a proactive tank, rather than reactive. Katira is an all-around gamer (priest main), solid DPS or smart heals, usually top or close to it.

ICC (12/12 HM) - full 277
BWD, BoT (9/13 HM) + Sinestra
FL (7/7 HM) - should be 7/7 pre-nerf, full 391
DS (1/8 HM) - break
MSV, HoF, ToES (16/16) - break
ToT (3/12) - late start

We want a guild that keeps the game fun but also maintains an end-game level of teamwork. If you need a tank and a ranged DPS, message me in-game or add my tag (Procision#1297).
Also, I am flexible with roles until a tanking spot can be sorted out or geared up, whatever the case. I started ToT as Ret and Holy OS during Firelands and switched tank mains, so the adaptability is there.

Still always find myself having to tank though.
We spoke ingame earlier. I think I can juggle things around and give you two a shot this Tuesday.
Thanks for the heads up.

We'll talk in-game before then. Added.
talk to me in game or add me on battle tag shinji204#1939 we need a prot pala starting heroic progress asap

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