(H) Cröwn Recruiting For Tot Progression

Crown is looking for skilled, geared players to complete our 10 man team. We are 5/12 in Throne of Thunder and have been steadily progressing. We are looking for people who will be very laid back, patient and able to take a joke. We value both progressing and having fun, so bad attitudes will end in removal from the group. It is expected that all raiders will spend time to cap their valor weekly and look up the fight we're working on, as well as performing at their highest level at all times during raid nights.

We currently are in need of a Off tank(non pally) and a solid melee dps

Raid times:
Sunday 3-7 pm server
Saturday 6-10 pm server

Raid times will be changing soon to Thursday Saturdays 6-10 so you must be able to change to those times for the future.

Being able to consistantly show up to the raid times
At least 500+ ilevel
Past raiding experience
Being able to keep a friendly calm atmosphere (no drama)
Knowing you class and doing every possible thing to get the maximum use of you class
Just have fun with the game, in and out of raiding

To apply either whisper me in game or just go straight to our site


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