Hyjal as a server...pro or con?

My guild is on the fence about transfering... Argent Dawn is so dead Horde side and one of the servers we were contemplating was Hyjal...

Is this a good/positive server for Horder?
Horde vs Alliance ratio..
Are most guilds/raid gruops full?

We're not sure if all of our raiders are going to make the move... so we might need to do some recruiting...

But please let us know all your comments about this server!

Hey.. I came from Argent Dawn like 5 or 6 years ago :D Raided with BotB and WW.

Anyhoo, lots of fun Hordeside and very active.

The only issue I'd say is that there are too many guilds trying to raid, and not enough full raids. If you DONT have your whole raid set before coming over I would advise against it. But there are a lot of guilds recruiting right now as well, which is another option.
Hyjal is an AMAZING server. Made the transfer last summer and it was the best decision I could have made for myself as a player. Economy is great, overall people are pretty freaking awesome and lots of activity.

Horde I think is 1:3? Or at least that was what it was before we officially transferred-since the expansion, it has seemed to have gotten a lot more active in general.

I can't speak for all guilds, but ours has three raid groups currently after a guild merge. We've had a lot of problems keeping groups stable but that's been mainly my fault for not having all the back ups we should really have, etc. But, that's also been partly to blame for the high guild to player ratio. (There was a thread a while back about how there was some loose math to explain why it was difficult to recruit here-especially if people kept transferring incomplete raid compositions.)

Hyjal, yes, is a great and fantastic server for individuals or full raid rosters. But if you're looking to come here to recruit, I wouldn't waste your raid's time and money to come here to be looking for another month to maybe fill just one hole. But, it also depends on what you need. Healers are by far the hardest imo to recruit. Tanks, next of course, and then dps. If you have the healers and tanks, the dps shouldn't be too hard to find, but....just make sure you know who'd be coming before making that decision.
Pros: From a non-raiding aspect, I love Hyjal!! (I don't raid). It's an active server, a little less so in the wee hours of the morning. For the most part, people are friendly and helpful. Economy is good, prices are stable, and there are usually a lot of pugs.

Cons: As mentioned earlier, there are a ton of guilds recruiting - so it may make it a little difficult to find raiders. If you are okay with perhaps merging with another guild, that may work but otherwise, you will be competing with tons of other guilds.
Hi Dahia,

About two months ago I was where you are now. Death by Design was born on the Cenarius server and that place is a barren wasteland on the Horde side. It made recruiting extremely difficult.

So I can tell you from our experience since transferring our guild to Hyjal:

Hyjal is a great server for Horde. Much, much better than the environment we left. Absolutely a better place for us to be.

Ratio. I don't really keep track of such things but iirc, the last time I cruised past WoWProgress it was like a 1 : .4 ratio.

I see quite a few messages from other guilds similar to ours that have recently transferred and are looking for stable raiders. This is sometimes a problem. Yes, there are more people here, there's a greater population. But you're going to need to be picky in your recruiting. You may want to discuss merging with other guilds on the server in order to create more effective, efficient and "sticky" raid teams.
Basically what Adria said.

To go off what Raphi said, I can agree that guild merging is one of the best things that people can do on this server. I just recently had one, and we've finally got two solid groups for raiding now because of it. It can be hard stepping down from a GM position and going with the flow of another guild's "mission" but can also be well worth it too. Figuring out who wants to go where, if the times would work out and if people would work well together in and out of raids are all very important though if you were to go this route.

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