[A] Rampage - 25M LF Holy Paladin for TOT

While our focus is on recruiting these positions, any other outstanding application will be considered. Combat log is a huge plus.

Current progression:

6/12 - 25 M
11/12 - 10 M

Raiding Schedule: Friday - Saturday , 7:45 pm invites, 8 pm (first pull) - 1130 pm eastern (server) time

Loot: EPGP

Expectations of Applicants
* Show up promptly to raid on all raiding nights (80% raiding attendance is expected at all times. We know Real life stuff happens)
* Prepared for progression at all times (bringing consumables, etc and bringing your best game)
* Able to withstand constructive criticism and able to admit to your own mistakes
* Has appropriate level gear

Those unprepared to spend the time and work towards collectively downing progression (new bosses AND the upcoming Hard Mode bosses), need not apply.

Our core group has raided together since level 60 and under the Rampage Name from Karazhan to Sunwell during the Burning Crusade. We consider applicants based not only on gear and ability but also on fit. We look to move forward as a collective and our raid team works together for the guild's prosperity, not the individuals.

Currently Recruiting:

Holy Paladin

Any question message Durgon in game or check out our website


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