WTT Dragon Kite (SOLD)

Pet Battles
Looking at all offers really, i know its worth around 100-120k so no lowball offers of "ill give you a landros lichling for it"
Please leave you offer or close to your offer when you add me via btag, I have added a few people previously who have lowballed me and then abused me when i decline their offer.

Maybe Darkmoon rabbit (S/S) (will have to add a fair bit more too)
Btag is Aidan#1312
Tuskarr Kite and a unlearned Darkmoon Rabbit?
Tuskarr Kite and a unlearned Darkmoon Rabbit?

Still probably value that a little lower than my Dragon Kite, can pick up a DMR for 25k and a Tuskarr Kite for 60k which is around 85k but if i don't get any better offers in the next 24-48 hours or so ill prob take you up on it.
Sold it smoothly to Amlas just beforem
thanks for trade, its gone now guys.
No problem!
I still have a few doubles i need to trade but none as impressive as the Dragon Kite, Thanks to Amlas i have a second Crawling Claw i need to trade as well as a second Son of Animus as well as Legs (rare), Sea Pony (rare), Living Sandling, Gustling Grimoire, Fox Kit and hycath macaw.

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