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Hello Zul'jin!

A few of us from Kael'thas have decided to transfer to a server that actually has people. Right now we have the current set-up:

Ret Pally
Prot Pally
Resto Shammy
Resto Druid

We are looking to join an established guild as a second 10m raid team, preferably with the autonomy to recruit and lead the team, within guild limits of course. We would like to raid 2 nights a week, semi-casually for about 3 hours a night. Our current server has limited our ability to recruit successfully, and we would like to get back to the somewhat competitive raiding our guild enjoyed during Cata, just on a new server with new people! If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to reply!
You might talk to blackyoshi, he's starting a second 10 man group in our guild and was looking for a few people. either way, welcome to zj:P
Our guild would be able to work with that, we are level 24 at this time and would openly welcome you guys to run your own raid team in our guild. Send me and in game if you have any questions. Youve picked a great server.
I know you that this may not necessarily be what you are looking for but, Hex is a 25 man guild and we need 5 people to stabilize our roster. We currently do not have room a MS tank, if your prot paladin has a holy spec, that would be great. We are looking for someone to be our third tank for upcoming fights or that can tank when our MT/OT are unable to do so.

I could use ALL of you. We are currently 8/12 with 20 stable raiders.
We raid Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Sundays at 9:30-12 Server. If this is something you guys could consider add me Brunai#1561 and we can talk!
Thanks all for the replies, we may end up having a couple more people transfer with us, and will be discussing things this coming weekend.
We at Catalyst(25) would love for you guys to come set up a second raid group in our guild.

Our Core group has alts if you guys work your group around our main run until you have 10 and/or we also have some floating raider fill-ins that might could find a spot with you guys.

We can provide you with use of our mumble server and various other logistical support.

Panz#1397 if interested or just hop on the server and find someone in game.
Disgruntled is looking for more active members and someone to start a second group. We're level 12 atm, but leveling pretty fast. Grp 1 is waiting on a cpl of xfers to complete and a cpl of dps, but we wouldn't be dipping into Grp 2's roster. We have paid forums, paid vent, and a bank to use. I am willing to help with some recruitment, allow you the use of guild applications on the website, and offer you your own bank tab to keep your groups mats to yourselves. Hit me up if interested @ danabreann#1680
check us out

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