When can I go to The Auction House

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I bought the full game and on the mobile app when I try to go on the auction house it says my account has not been activated. Can anyone tell me how to activate it? I've already put in the game key.
if you purchased the digital copy, it can take up to 72 hours for restrictions can be lifted
From my experience with the Recruit-A-Friend system, there's usually a minor delay with accounts being fully flagged as retail and having all restrictions lifted.

I'm assuming trial accounts cannot use the Warcraft mobile applications, and have restrictions placed on them. And with that assumption, it's probably safe to say that you're just a victim of your account still going through the process of having the restrictions lifted.

If you've created and applied your game key to the account, then I'd just wait a day or so and try again. It's always been around 24-72 hours or so for my Recruit-A-Friend accounts to get the restrictions removed.

I imagine all new accounts have similar restrictions.
Ok thanks

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