Ret Healing in Dungeons.

I've heard only tales of it being done, and now I'm interested. Will there be anything specific I'll need Glyph, Gem or Enchant wise and anything else with my rotation? I assume Glyph of the Battle Healer will be one, any others?

Thanks for the help
I've dabbled a bit, but not really tried it outside of a couple raids (normal-mode raids, mind - not LFR; specifically Elegon and Tsulong) and this is, more or less, what I've tried to do:

Battle Healer, Word of Glory, and possibly Flash of Light for glyphs; Selfless Healer for your L45 talent, possibly either HA or DP for your L75 talent (rapid fire massive burst healing or random free WoGs to fuel your GoWoG to beef Battle Healing), Holy Prism or Light's Hammer for your L90 talent for greater party healing (since I don't think we have access to Holy Radiance any more); gems and enchants as normal.

Other than those few glyphs and talents, everything should remain mostly the same, except you'll need to watch your party's health a lot more closely and sacrifice some damage to keep the group rolling. Haste and strength will still be key stats for Ret healing as Battle Insight heals based on size and frequency of your weapon hits - including CS, HotR, TV, and DS.
Glyph of Battle Healer, Holy Prism, and Selfless Healer.

Take those and just DPS as normal keeping your eyes on the health of your party members if you need to hit them with a Flash of Light or Word of Glory.

The healing from Battle Insight should be enough in decent gear to heal through the damage your tank should be taking in Heroics while also allowing you to provide damage output much higher than what a Holy Paladin can normally provide.

I only heal as Ret in dungeons now, and thus far it's allowed me to heal virtually any level tank that I've gotten in the dungeons easily and effectively enough with even some whispering me afterward for more runs with them.
i do ret healing in wotlk dungeons, so much fun
Not super necessary once you get to certain levels of haste to use battle healer. (more judgements = more selfless healer stacks) While LoH is up at the very least use Seal of Truth to put up 5 censure stacks, can switch whenever to refresh. SoT itself is not a huge loss in damage.

Another thing to look at is getting crit/haste on Int plate and using Glyph of Holy shock, which is what I typically do. The only thing you really lose is AoE damage between dpsing at holy or dpsing as ret.

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