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Greetings all,

Ive been trying to get some pet battle achievements. Specifically, the "taming" line.

My alliance toon managed to tame eastern kingdoms. Next up Kalimdor.

I followed what I read on wow head but for some reason, something isnt working. Since Varkoz (or whatever is his name) is Horde, I created a Horde toon, got to lvl7, then got the Taming Kalimdor quest chain. Went back to my alliance toon and defeated the first pet tamer. It didnt give me the follow up quest. On my Horde toon, it says I have completed the entire quest chain. On my alliance toon, it doesnt even list it anymore.

What do I dooooooo?

Thanks a bunch all.
EK is granted to the Alliance and Kalimdor is granted to the Horde. I know I got both by doing each factions starting chain. Currently can't log to check if each faction has both showing or just the one associated with each.
This thread isn't nearly as sexy as I thought it was gonna be.
This thread isn't nearly as sexy as I thought it was gonna be.

Nor any sign of Vin Diesel. /peh
04/22/2013 12:37 PMPosted by Vixie
This thread isn't nearly as sexy as I thought it was gonna be.

Nor any sign of Vin Diesel. /peh

Haha Vix <3 I was thinking the same thing =P
haha ... sorry about the misleading title :P I'll try to be a little less ... you get my drift :P

Yoda: Yes, that must be the case cause nothing else makes sense. DOH.

I have a follow up, though. Trying to do "Taming Cataclysm." Im trying to do Bordin Steadyfist (on Alliance toon). He disappears anytime I get near him. Apparently, he is phasing because I have not completed the Therazane quest line. Fine. I go to the area where the quest should be and ... zilcho. I have completed 70/110 for the "Deep Into Deepholm" achievement but Im not sure if its related or not.

Ideas oh wise ones? :)
Can you stand in an area where he is not phased, like right on the edge of where he phases out, target him and start a pet battle that way?
Nope. As soon as I get close enough that the "white bubble" turns from greyed out to .. not-so-greyed-out, he phases. Booo.
you can try to make some kind of target/interact macro and fly up to him and try to start the battle as quickly as possible. your latency might not allow it to work.

the quest chain for therazane starts around the point where you are (70 quests into deepholm). you're going to have to backtrack and check for quests in the zone that you missed. the therazane quest chain (like other zones in cata) is linear, and you need to collect all the world pillar fragments before you get the quest "Imposing Confrontation" and interact with the faction for the first time.
Based on your suggestion, I tried a macro but it didnt seem to work. My latency is my vid card .. it is pretty weak sauce.

Boooo. I was hoping you werent going to say that lol Ah well. Here's to questing :)

Thanks for the help all :)
This is really false advertising!

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