Coming Back to Wow After a Year Off

I am coming back to WOW after taking a year off. Since the majority of people I would group with have moved on, I have decided to start a new character on this server. I choose the Horde faction and started a Tauren Shaman who is currently at level 24. I want to learn more about healing groups so I chose the restoration spec and I have never played a healer.

About my gaming habits and attitude. I am a adult casual player who is able to play in the evenings and weekends (when work does not get in the way). I love to dungeon crawl and explore new lands and always up for group to quest, explore, or dungeon crawl. I do like to work on a trade skill and taken up herbalism and alchemy. I do like to help others and more than welcome to lend a hand. For me WOW has turned into a way to unwind from my work day.

I am getting use to playing WOW and interested in joining a guild. I am looking for a adult causal guild which help other guild members progress in the game to achieve their goal and have a good time.

If any guild is interested, either instance message me in WOW or post on this thread.

Yours Truly,


Level 24 Tauren Shaman
Hi Biken,

We at Sanctum of Dreams are a strong and stable guild that caters to folks with all interests and schedules! While we have dedicated teams for both raiding and for rated battlegrounds, we also have a large casual base, with scheduled guild events as well as pick up groups for fun of all kinds! I encourage you to contact our recruitment officer Deathrag in game, or to check out our website at - if you like what you see, throw us an application!


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