Operation: Redemption

Operation: Redemption is my attempt at creating an all Paladin raid team. Not for the purpose of progression, but for the challenge.

Right now I believe we're looking for mostly Ret, with only 1 Holy slot open. I don't believe we have any tanking spots available, but everything is subject to change.

We'll start with MSV Normal, and then see where we can go from there. If anyone would like to record our attempts, they're more than welcome.

It wont be easy, but with glyph coordination, strategic use of cooldowns, and a lot of hard work, we should be able to pull it off.

Lets make a name for ourselves. Let us show the world what Paladins can do.


Feel free to sign up, offer advice, death threats, or anything else you'd like. The scheduled date is subject to change, and I'm also looking for possible alternative raid leaders if it turns out I'm just awful.
Also, it's possible that if we get enough signups soon enough, we'll hit MSV in LFR first, and work on our coordination.

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